Camden County NJ Murder Lawyers

Camden NJ Homicide LawyersA Camden NJ man has been indicted on murder charges in connection with two fatal shootings at a local residence.

The suspect reportedly entered a home on the 500 block of South 8th Street in Camden NJ and used a handgun to shoot and kill two victims inside the house. The Camden County Police Department

Camden New Jersey Homicide LawyersPolice officers recently apprehended a suspect in a fatal shooting that occurred on a street in Camden, NJ.

According to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, the shooting went down around 5:30 p.m. on the 1000 block of Haddon Avenue in Camden, New Jersey. The suspect and the victim allegedly became involved in an “altercation” that

Camden County NJ Murder LawyersA Camden New Jersey man received a sentence of 75 years in NJ State Prison after being convicted in the shooting deaths of two people.

During the trial, which was held in Camden County Superior Court, New Jersey prosecutors presented evidence indicating that the suspect probably shot two men to death in Lindenwold, New Jersey.