Clementon New Jersey Burglary LawyersClementon New Jersey police issued a warning to local residents about a recent string of burglaries in the borough and asked residents to exercise caution when leaving their homes unattended.

According to authorities, the same person unlawfully entered several houses in Clementon NJ and stolen cash, jewelry, and electronics. The suspect has reportedly targeted homes located near the woods in Clementon. Additionally, he usually commits the burglaries during the afternoon.

In at least a few of the burglary incidents, the suspect allegedly used pepper spray to assault the residents and prevent them from interfering with his burglary attempt.

Clementon detectives are actively investigating the theft incidents, but they have been unable to identify the suspect. According to victims, the suspect wore latex gloves and did not leave any fingerprints at the burglarized homes.

The suspect has been described by law enforcement as a thin white man. Any members of the public with information about the suspect should call Clementon NJ investigators.

The Clementon Police Department has asked local residents to lock doors and windows and activate alarms when leaving their homes.

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