Camden NJ Homicide LawyersA Camden NJ man has been charged with murdering his wife at an apartment in Collingswood, New Jersey.

The violent homicide allegedly went down a short time before 8:00 p.m. at the victim’s apartment complex, the Height of Collingswood Apartments on Collings Avenue in Collingswood, NJ.

The 41-year-old suspect and his wife were said to be estranged at the time of the homicide. It is unclear if the victim had a restraining order against the suspect.

According to witnesses inside the apartment and neighbors who overhead the couple arguing, the homicide was committed during a verbal altercation. At some point during the argument, the suspect allegedly used a knife to stab the victim multiple times.

The suspect then allegedly used the knife to stab himself in an apparent suicide attempt. The suspect survived his wounds; he is currently listed in critical condition at Cooper University Hospital.

The suspect faces criminal charges for first degree murder. If he is convicted on the charges, he could potentially be sentenced to life imprisonment in state prison, with a minimum mandatory term of incarceration of 30 years.

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