Cherry Hill NJ Theft LawyersA Cherry Hill New Jersey contractor has been convicted on theft charges stemming out of Woodbury, NJ.

According to the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, the 43-year-old suspect received payment for services but failed to complete the job.

The victim hired the suspect to install kitchen counter and cabinets. The suspect reportedly advertised his services through an advertisement posted online on Craigslist.

The victim, who resided in Woolwich Township NJ, noticed the suspect’s online ad and hired him to begin a project in January 2013. The suspect allegedly received $2,400 for payment but never started the work.

The victim complained about the lack of work six months later, reportedly prompting the suspect to tell him that he would be unable to complete the project. According to the victim, the suspect refused to refund any of the money he was already paid for the project.

The suspect was eventually placed under arrest and charged with third degree theft. When the case went to trial in Gloucester County Superior Court in Woodbury, NJ, the suspect argued that it was simply a misunderstanding and that he still intended to complete the promised work.

At the end of the trial, the jury only needed to deliberate for 30 minutes before returning a guilty verdict.

The suspect will need to appear again in Gloucester County Superior Court on January 29 so that he can be formally sentenced on the theft charges.

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