Camden New Jersey Heroin Distribution LawyersTwo Camden NJ men have sentenced to federal prison for distributing cocaine and heroin in New Jersey.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the two suspects were part of a major drug distribution network that moved cocaine and heroin across the Garden State. The drug ring allegedly used a retail shopping plaza and a public housing project in Camden as its base of operations.

Federal and state law enforcement agencies joined forces in the investigation as part of the Camden Collaborative Crime Commission. The agencies were able to exchange information and work together to investigate the illegal drug distribution ring. Investigators are said to have relied on physical surveillance of the suspects, confidential informants, and telephone wiretaps.

The suspects, two 23-year-old males from Camden NJ, were arrested in April 2013 when police conducted a drug bust. Five other suspects were also arrested at the scene.

The two suspects eventually negotiated plea agreements with federal prosecutors. The suspects appeared in federal court and entered guilty pleas on charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine base, and possession with intent to distribute heroin. One of the same suspects also pleaded guilty to a certain persons offense because he was a convicted felon unlawfully in possession of a firearm when he was arrested.

One suspect received a sentence of 100 months in federal prison, while the other suspect was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison.

The other suspects in the case failed to reach plea deals with prosecutors. As a result, they are scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court for trial in January, 2016.

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