Winslow NJ Heroin Possession LawyersPolice arrested a Chesilhurst NJ woman accused of possessing 286 bags of heroin while driving her car in Winslow Township, NJ.

The suspect is a 32-year-old woman from Chesilhurst in Camden County, New Jersey. According to authorities, the suspect was operating a black Lexus on Route 73 in Winslow Township when she nearly caused an auto accident due to her erratic driving.

Winslow cops soon arrived in the area and spoke to the suspect after she parked in a liquor store parking lot. During the conversation, the officers reportedly saw a blue bag of heroin in clear view inside the motor vehicle.

Police conducted a search of the car and reportedly found a total of 286 bags of heroin.

The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with drug crimes that include possession with intent to distribute heroin. A conviction on the heroin distribution charges could be devastating to the suspect’s future because the crime is classified as a felony and carries severe penalties.

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Gloucester City Robbery SuspectLaw enforcement recently arrested a man accused of robbing a woman near the Brooklawn Shopping Center in Gloucester City, NJ.

According to authorities, the 21-year-old suspect committed the theft offense outside the Brooklawn Shopping Center, in the area of Route 130 in Gloucester City, New Jersey.

The suspect reportedly approached the victim just after 6:30 a.m., grabbed her hair, and flung her to the ground. The suspect then allegedly took the victim’s purse and ran from the area.

The victim used a cell phone to dial 911 and notify local police, which sent cops to the scene. Gloucester City NJ police officers then canvassed the neighborhood and reportedly found the suspect trying to hide on a roof.

The suspect now faces criminal charges for robbery. If he is ultimately convicted on the very serious criminal charges, he faces severe penalties that include a lengthy term of incarceration in New Jersey State Prison.

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Camden County NJ Homicide AttorneysCamden County authorities are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred during the late-night hours in Camden, New Jersey.

The shooting incident happened just after 11:30 p.m. near 6th Street and Viola Street in Camden, NJ. Camden County police dispatched police officers to the scene after getting a Shot Spotter activation alert and receiving 911 calls from local residents about gunshots being fired.

When Camden County cops arrived in the area, they found a victim lying on the pavement and suffering from significant injuries. Emergency medical responders transported the victim to Cooper University Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Not long after that, a second person who sustained injuries in the shooting incident arrived at the Camden NJ hospital. He was treated for serious gunshot wounds.

The Camden County Police Department and the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office are investigating the fatal shooting and looking for a suspect.

If authorities eventually identify and arrest a suspect, the culprit would likely face criminal charges for first degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, and various weapons offenses.

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Winslow NJ Burglary AttorneysWinslow Township NJ police recently apprehended a local man who allegedly burglarized numerous houses in the area.

The suspect is a 37-year-old resident of Winslow, New Jersey. According to authorities, the suspect broke into at least five residences and stole personal possessions.

The suspect was arrested by police around 2:15 a.m. when patrol cops reportedly noticed him carrying bolt cutters and walking in the yard of a home located on Pennington Avenue in Winslow Township, NJ.

When the police officers spoke with the suspect, he allegedly provided them with a fake name. Police later ran a computer check on the suspect and allegedly discovered that he had active arrest warrants out of Winslow Township, New Jersey.

Police searched the suspect and reportedly found him with several stolen items, as well as a small amount of heroin.

The suspect was placed under arrest and charged with multiple crimes, including burglary, possession of burglary tools, theft of movable property, receiving stolen property, and heroin possession.

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Drug Charges at Newark AirportA Woodbury New Jersey woman was arrested outside Newark Liberty International Airport and charged with multiple drug offenses.

The suspect is a 27-year-old female from Woodbury, NJ. According to authorities, she was a passenger in a blue Mercury Villager being driven near the Newark Airport around 6:00 p.m. Port Authority police officers were on patrol when they reportedly saw that the front windshield of the vehicle was cracked. The Port Authority NJ cops subsequently pulled over the car just in front of Terminal A.

Police officers spoke to the driver, a 30-year-old male from Westville, NJ, and allegedly smelled marijuana.

Port Authority cops later searched the passenger, the Westbury woman, and allegedly found her in possession of 63 ecstasy pills and more than a dozen plastic containers of marijuana.

Police also ran computer check on the driver and reportedly learned that he had outstanding arrest warrants out of Camden, Haddon Township, and Mickleton.

The two suspects were arrested at the scene. The Woodbury woman faces criminal charges for possession of marijuana and illegal possession of prescription drugs, while the Westville NJ man faces charges for driving with a suspended license and bail jumping.

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Camden County Homicide LawyersAuthorities have charged five people for the violent murder of a Camden County NJ woman in Trenton.

The fatal shooting happened during a robbery attempt in November 2016. According to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, the victim actually drove one of her eventual killers to East Trenton on the night of the homicide. The man called for a ride via Lyft, the rideshare service.

When the motor vehicle got to a Trenton neighborhood, the robbers allegedly attempted to take money at gunpoint from another passenger in the Lyft vehicle. A handgun was reportedly discharged during the robbery.

Police investigated the fatal shooting and quickly identified four suspects: a 43-year-old Trenton NJ man, a 39-year-old Trenton man, a 31-year-old Hamilton woman, and a 32-year-old man from Pennsylvania. The four suspects were then indicted on numerous charges, including first degree murder, armed robbery, and weapons offenses.

Now a fifth faces criminal charges for the murder. The fifth suspect is a 52-year-old resident of Trenton, New Jersey. He was charged while already in custody at the Camden County Jail.

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Camden NJ Sexual Offense AttorneysA Camden New Jersey man is on his way to state prison after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a minor.

The suspect is a 59-year-old man from Camden, NJ. He was investigated for the sex crime and eventually placed under arrest by Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office detectives.

According to law enforcement officials, the suspect sexually assaulted a juvenile victim who was between the ages of 13 and 15. The sexual offense was reportedly committed at a home in East Greenwich Township. That’s why the suspect faced the criminal charges in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

The suspect ultimately avoided trial in the sex crime case by reaching a plea agreement with Gloucester County prosecutors and pleading guilty second degree felony charges.

Now the suspect has been sentenced to five years behind bars, with a superior court judge signing off on the plea deal.

In addition to serving time in NJ State Prison, the suspect will also have to register as a convicted sex offender under Megan’s Law.

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Cherry Hill NJ Sex Crime LawyersCherry Hill NJ law enforcement is investigating a recent report that a man secretly filmed people inside the public bathrooms at the Cherry Hill Mall.

Cherry Hill NJ cops were sent to the mall after someone dialed 911 to report a man standing in the restrooms at the Cherry Hill Mall and secretly recording users. The individual who called police said that he attempted to prevent the suspect from leaving but could not do so.

By the time Cherry Hill police officers got to the scene, the suspect had already left the premises and was nowhere to be found.

A Cherry Hill Township Police Department captain talked to the media about the possible sex crime and said that Cherry Hill detectives are currently investigating the incident.

Cherry Hill Mall management officials issued a statement about the possible invasion of privacy at the mall and indicated that mall security knows about the police report and is working with Cherry Hill detectives to identify the suspect.

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Camden County NJ Homicide LawyersCamden County law enforcement is investigating the fatal shooting of a man who was sitting in his vehicle on a Camden NJ street.

The shooting happened just after 6:35 p.m. on the 1200 block of North 18th Street in Camden, NJ. The Camden County Police Department got a ShotSpotter alert about gunshots fired in the area and dispatched cops to the scene.

When Camden County officers arrived at the site of the shooting, they found the victim seated in his car and suffering from very serious gunshot wounds.

Paramedics transported the shooting victim to nearby Cooper University Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. Authorities later identified the victim as a 33-year-old man who lived in Camden, New Jersey.

According to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, the investigation into the killing is active and ongoing. However, Camden County detectives have yet to identify a suspect in the homicide case.

This is the third homicide in Camden NJ already this year.

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Gloucester City NJ DYFS AttorneysA teen girl has been accused of child neglect after allegedly overdosing on drugs and causing a car crash on a highway in Gloucester City, New Jersey.

The DUI accident happened on Interstate 76 in Gloucester City, NJ. According to authorities, the driver of the motor vehicle was a 17-year-old individual. There were also two passengers in the vehicle: a 19-year-old Delanco Township NJ man and a five-year-old kid.

When New Jersey State troopers and emergency responders got to the scene of the auto accident, they found the two adults unconscious due to drug overdoses. Police officers administered Narcan, a highly effective anti-overdose drug, to the suspects and revived them.

Paramedics then rushed the suspects to Cooper University Hospital in Camden.

Fortunately, the child suffered only minor injuries in the drugged driving accident.

The teen motorist may be charged with multiple crimes, including child endangerment. It has not yet been determined if the 17-year-old suspect will face charges for juvenile crimes as well.

The 19-year-old passenger in the vehicle faces charges for illegal possession of prescription drugs.

The DCP&P, formerly known as DYFS, was likely notified of the situation because that is standard procedure in New Jersey when authorities suspect possible child abuse or child neglect. It now becomes probable that DCP&P will start an investigation.

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